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Criminal Pardon and Process to Apply for Pardon


After getting convicted for any criminal offence, anyone can apply for a pardon after they show a perfect proof to the respective board that for some specified period of time they are leading a life of a good citizen. By the successful grant of a pardon, the criminal record will not be noticeable during an ordinary check of criminal records.

How to Get Help While Getting Employed by a Criminal Pardon

Moreover, in the process of applying for a job, the employers will never ask the applicant about any criminal record. But the employer may ask for any criminal record if the pardon has not been granted. If the candidate has been approved and successfully under the pardon facility, then he can directly deny for any criminal record under normal circumstances and the employer will not be able to find any criminal conviction in your past. So let’s have a look at the process of applying for a pardon grant.

Waiting for a Specified Time before Applying for Pardon

Before applying for getting pardoned, you have a time specified as per the Criminal Records Act and till they have served their sentence, including paying any fines or serving any of the probations or parole you have been sentenced to. The first step is quite long and complicated. He law mandates some waiting time or period, and the length of the same depends on the seriousness of the crime. The time period may vary from 2 years to 10 years.

Documents Needed to Apply for Criminal Pardon

After waiting for the required time patiently, you can make the application to reach the parole board. The package of documents also needed to reach the parole board with proper verification from the respective authority.

An incomplete package will result in the rejection of the application and if so, one full year is required for filing an application again. The package should include all the valid documents along with the application form, the criminal record and a processing fee. For more information on the application for a pardon, you may refer to canadapardons.org.