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Review Of Chicago Fusion Kitchen Knife Set


The Chicago cutlery provides various models of knives for both professional and home needs and Chicago cutlery fusion 18-piece knife set is one among them. Using this 18 piece knife set you can slice, mince, peel, and cut all types of food stuff. It contains peeling knife, paring knife, utility knife, bread knife, santoku knife, chef knife, steak knife and many others. In addition to the knives, you also get a sharpening steel to hone the knife blade and honey-maple wooden block. In the wooden block you can organize the knife set neatly.

The santoku knife in this fusion set has a broad blade and a particularly precision cutting edge. It is very useful to chop meat, fish and veggies. The partoku knife is 5-inches in size and it is designed blending the santoku knife and paring knife. The handles are made with polyurethane and the cap is designed contrastingly using stainless steel. High quality stainless steel blades of the knife are strong and it is less prone to stains, rust and pitting.

The fusion knife set uses Taper Grind Edge that makes it strong and sharp. It supports tang from the tip of the blade to the bottom. It is the perfect set that combines variety, quality and price. The fusion knife set contains totally sixteen knives and among them eight are steak knives. You can also get an 8-inch sharpening steel and a bamboo hardwood block to organize the knives.

If you have a problem with any one of the knives, you don’t have to worry. There is lifetime warranty available for the entire knife set and you can replace it with a new one. The quality of the knife is outstanding and the Forged bolsters make it comfortable to use.

The set includes different types of knife and you can use it for any type of kitchen tasks. The polyurethane handle is not so hard and it is squishy and tough to grip. You can get the right amount of comfort when using this knife set. The sharpening steel and wooden blocks are added advantages. You can use the 8- inch sharpening steel to re-sharp the knife again. You can place the knives in order in the wooden block and it looks great.

It includes eight steak knife set and you will be really impressed when you use the steak knife of the Chicago fusion set. The knife set is designed well and it does not weigh much. You can find it easy to use. The Taper Grind Edge technology allows the blade to stay sharp for a long time. If the blade becomes dull, you can re-sharpen it within a minute and get back the sharpness again.

Some people feel that it would be better if the knife set is inclusive of kitchen shears. It is a versatile knife set and the steak knife is an added advantage in this model. The sharpening steel and the wooden block make the set complete. You find it easy to use, comfortable for cutting, mincing, peeling, slicing all type of food items. If you are looking for the new kitchen knife set, then you can definitely consider this.