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What Are The Different Models Of Black Jordon Sneakers?

black jordon

The black color Jordon goes very well with any type of dressing. All black Jordans are the all time favorite of many people. Some of the black sneaker features are explained here for your quick reference.
The Air Jordon 1 Retro O.G model is complete black shoes, and even the Gum bottom will be in black color. This model is launched in the year 2014, and the entire finishing like the upper, sole and gum bottoms are in black color. This model is in a great demand and completely sold out once launched and it hard to find this model in shops. You can check this model in any top online websites.
Air Jordon 3 Retro O.G is also launched in 2014, and the form of this model is Air Jordon 5lab3. This model is blended with some of the features of AJ3 and AJ5. The black sneaker has designed with the soft upper body and has many cool features in it.
Air Jordon 4 is not suitable for everyone and the product was not hit as expected. It comes with the color combination of Black Python customs. It was dropped in the year 2013 and later launched as the big sneakers that are a hit and preferred by many people.
Air Jordon 5 is launched in black grape customs and is was designed by a French sneaker custom artist named, Rudnes.
Air Jordon 6 Black and Gold is created by Jeff of Jordon head customs and many people are fans of this model. This black color shoe is designed with golden silver color at the base. This excellent color combination gives this model a unique and classic look.
Air Jordon 7 with the net feature is designed by Anthony Soria, Texas based custom sneaker designer. It comes with the black body and wrapped with colorful sweater print. This model is incredibly rare in any type of sneakers.